The UN’s stated mission is to prevent aggression; yet it does absolutely nothing to restrain the one country whose aggression far outweighs all others in the postwar period — perhaps in all of history. In the past seventy years the United States has invaded more countries, overthrown more governments and backed more dictators and terrorist death squads than any other country on Earth. There isn’t even a close second.

Darcy Darcy Darcy come baaaaaack

i swear, being with you last night was like a mini vacation. I slept well. I ATE. I didn’t freak out or anything. Plenty of crying and good talking and you helped me run my errands and now this next week will be a little easier already, and I just want things to be that easy and relaxed all the time. Darcy, you are so important to me and I miss you so much. Its incredible what a gift six hours was.

its is a real gift, a couple hours with a dear friend after a long separation. it gives me strength, to see such love shining in familiar eyes.